20/30s Community

Let’s Get Together

Monthly Thursday Nights | 6 - 8 PM

Our 20s and 30s are years of building. You may be paving the way for your career, raising a family, building fiinancial stability, or following a dream. Because this season demands so much from you, we want to create space for circles of influence and support to form relationships that go beyond a monthly gathering.

August 15th | Location: TBD
September 12th | Location: TBD

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What happens at our Thursday Night Gatherings?
How often do you get together?
Do I need to bring anything?
How do I stay in-the-know? 
What happens at our 20/30s gatherings?

We spend the first 45 minutes to an hour eating dinner together. After dinner, we spend time in musical worship, followed by 15 - 20 minutes in God's Word shared by one of our leaders. We often close our time together in one more song of worship in response.

How often do you get together?

We meet once a month at a church member or leader's home on a Thursday evening. In addition to our monthly gatherings, we have seasonal events that our 20/30s community is always encouraged and invited to attend!

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Do I need to bring anything?

A friend, an appetite, your Bible, and a smile.

How do I stay in-the-know? 

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